motorcycle painting techniques

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The Number 1 Choice for Motorcycle Restoration Paints, Use code "15OFF" at checkout for 15% Off Regular Price Products ** Orders over $90 SHIP FREE! Motorcycle Rider Painting… I also mask from behind the tank seam to prevent any paint blowing onto the underside of the tank. The packaging will suggest how thick to lay it on, and how long you need to wait between coats. The primer, paint and clear are available in spray cans, so … Okay, you might not get the same result as a professional painter with a spray booth. Gloss or matte? On our project gas tank, I had previously sanded the paint off. Keep working though your supply of abrasive paper until the filler is only left in the low spots, such as dents. Jul 19, 2020 - Explore Abi DIAZ's board "Paint ideas for motorcycle" on Pinterest. Always check the paint match BEFORE you apply it to your Project. You will be handling and carrying your tank around, so make sure there is nothing you’ll trip over so you don’t drop your tank. You’ll need a surface to mix the filler. 3 stage paint has more depth than a 2 stage, and can appear as almost multi-colored. If you want to tackle a project like this, I’d encourage you to do something similar. A rough design of your paint scheme will help you plan the painting steps, so don’t be afraid to make a sketch with your design drawn in. While working on this project, I found a 5lb box of assorted grit paper, which would be a good option if you wanted to order online. Also, bring them a part of the vehicle with you so that they can obtain a proper match when the do the spraying. But who says you can’t paint a motorcycle in your home shop with aerosol paint? Spot patch with more body filler if the spray putty didn’t cover up your earlier sins. 2K coatings are products mixed with a hardener just prior to spraying, so as to activate a chemical reaction during drying. Mix up small quantities so you don’t waste any. Yes! It helps determine how much paint you need, how to apply the paint, and gives you a feel for using the paint. For lacquers, enamels, urethanes, base coats, and clear … This step will likely take the longest, but is the foundation for your paint finish. More from This Artist Similar Designs. The midcoat color changes the color of the basecoat, and adds the sparkle or color shifting effect of the pearl, metal or mica flake. It takes five minutes, but can save hours. * Newer motorcycle painting prices are higher due to additional labor & supplies * Painting prices do NOT include mechanical repair of the vehicle or parts * "Candy" or heavy flake paint jobs add up to $400 for … This video is a great intro to auto painting, which is very similar to motorcycle painting. Jun 29, 2014 - Explore Anna Martin's board "Motorcycle Painting", followed by 242 people on Pinterest. All motorcycle racing paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. $47. Mostly sanding. Any body shop worth its weight will automatically perform a sprayout, but make sure they do it. Online sources like Eastwood are a great place to start investigating your options. Step 3: Preparation Prep is crucial to a quality finish. Apply The Primer And Rough It Up Again. Paint product availability will vary depending on where you are in the world, so go ask your local suppliers for advice, or check out the Eastwood site and their resources. Starting at the top, blow the water down and to the front and back. Download a free Amazon shopping list of supplies and consumables needed for painting a motorcycle exactly like described in this article here. Well, I’m giving away this online "motorcycle painting" video course hoping to gain your trust so that in the … Did you scroll all this way to get facts about motorcycle painting? 1K coatings are coatings that do not require a hardener, activator or other product to cure. You might use a 240 grit at this stage, then a 400 grit before the next step. This is normally a two-part product—you need to mix a hardener with the filler to start a reaction that cures the product. Make sure you feel comfortable before attempting the actual repair by practicing the entire application.If you are using any method of spraying the color, test the color on a sprayout card or on anything that you can accurately see the color. I much prefer to strip to bare metal regardless. They manage this with a separate chamber in the can that contains the hardener. Most primers leave a powdery texture behind,... 3. Or if you want to keep riding while we are painting parts for you, we can paint the design of your choice on … The most common motorcycle painting … Both types require a clear coat over the top, the final "stage" in the 2 or 3 stage paint process. Some vendors can supply an aerosol can that delivers a 2K clear coat. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The re-coating time was fast—about 20 minutes. All of our colors are available in touch-up pen, touch-up jar, … I like to know what I am working with. More from This Artist Similar Designs. Some sources suggest cardboard will absorb resins from the filler, so I use a $2 plastic chopping board from that big Swedish furniture store. Painting the motorcycle frame yourself will cost no more than about $50 or $60 for everything. It also takes a lot more time to powder coat a motorcycle frame compared to painting … Mix up some more and repeat the filling and sanding process. And, this is not just an acrylic painting technique to use for art journals – It also works great for covering large areas of canvas easily! Overspray. This provides a durable finished surface much less susceptible to damage from weather, UV rays, fuel or chemicals. Fill On a new or reproduction tank, or on a frame, you might be able to skip this step. Follow the product instructions—the spray putty I use suggests three to four coats, then sanding. Michael Godard. I hold the spreader with my thumb on one side and three fingers on the back—I can then curve it to match the surface better. Two-stage paints require one paint layer for the color, and another for the protective clear coat (which could be gloss or matte). As with everything, there are exceptions. You may have heard advice about preventing or neutralizing rust on your bare metal. Hopefully you can’t feel any more marks in the surface. Use the plastic spreader to drag filler over the surface. This effect is accomplished by the 3 layers of basecoat/midcoat/clearcoat that use an almost translucent color in the midcoat to achieve different tones. 2 stage paint is a step of from the old single-stage paints. But not everyone has their own air compressor at home, or a spray booth and a decent spray gun. Don’t think you’ll get a decent paint job while trying to paint the tank while it’s still on the bike.You don’t always need to completely strip the paint off the tank and get it to bare metal. You can learn more about using aerosol motorcycle paint or using a spray gun to paint your bike. The main difference between the 2 is that 3 stage paints use a basecoat-midcoat system to produce a specific color, where as 2 stage is simply a single basecoat color. If you sand back to the body filler, prime it again before moving to the next step. JQ Licensing. The fuel tank you see above I painted especially for this article. But if you want to learn some new skills, get a perfect color match, and get the satisfaction of doing it yourself, stick with me and speed up your learning curve. See more ideas about motorcycle painting, custom paint, motorcycle paint jobs. And you’ll probably spend time and money stripping it off and sending it to a professional after you change your mind. Prime A primer is used to provide a key between the surface and paint, or in this case, between the filler and paint. The downside of sanding is that it leaves deep scratches in the metal—strip-and-clean discs are a clear winner here. Pink Thing: A low-ridin’ Kawasaki W800 from 2LOUD, Sound decision: A music producer’s CB750 cafe racer, Cheap thrills: Racing custom Coleman mini bikes with Icon, Workshop Guide: Painting A Motorcycle, Part I. Will it have lettering, decals, patterns or lines? (Most aerosol paint falls into this category too.). Step 1: Think about the final finish What color scheme does your project have? On a new or reproduction tank, you might be able to skip this step. Picking your way through traffic at low speed is … Painting a motorcycle is one easy way to customize your bike to your preferred color and look. Many of the paints used on motorcycles have toxic elements that can be dangerous to the... 2. Follow the instructions on the product packaging. A piece of scrap metal is perfect for this if you do not have access to a spray-out card. Cutting Edge Illusions is a full service custom paint and repair shop for motorcycles, boats, cars, trucks, and power sports. They share some great tips: A great paint job does have a lot of different variables: In the world of Motorcycle Paints there are 2 types: 2 stage and 3 Stage. $38. Ducati Vintage Motorcycle Ad Painting. In the example above, I simply used an old gift card to … I used a high-quality (read: relatively expensive) enamel aerosol paint from the hardware store, for a couple of reasons: 1. Flake or flat color? I had lots of paint to lay down, and a deadline! Purchase the paint, primer and supplies. Spray a thin layer of your base color onto the fairings and let it dry. ColorRite offers motorcycle paint, watercraft paint, marine paint, ATV/UTV paint and snowmobile paint for just about any brand vehicle you own. Paint on walls fades over time, regardless of the room — it could happen in a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room or bathroom. Wear Safety Equipment. Lightly sand down the primed surface, once the second coat has dried. A sprayout is simply testing the color before you apply it to the actual repair job. Cover the entire surface of the … The primer you use might contain some filler product to help smooth the surface. At the absolute last second before applying primer, or any coat for that matter, use a tack cloth and wipe the surface you’re about to paint. Reproducing an exact match of a 3 stage paint is almost impossible. Before you shoot any primer, you’ll need to use tape to mask off any parts that don’t need paint, like the fuel filler. I use a reasonable quality painter’s tape, not cheap domestic masking tape. GET THE WORLD'S BEST CUSTOMS DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX. This tank was full of rust holes, so would never go back on a bike, and would only ever be garage art. Is there better paint for the final finish on your bike than hardware-shop enamel? If you want the shop to disassemble the motorcycle and reassemble for you (if they’ll even do that), that’ll be at least another $200 – $300. If you’ve sanded back to bare metal, or the product recommends more primer over the putty, spray it on before moving to paint. Step 1: Think about the final finish What color scheme does your project have? Take a look and get to know some of the concepts. Painting your motorcycle helps take care of rust, minor dents and old paint that needs to be … You cannot expect good results without first doing a sprayout. I also use a color sanding block, which is a firm foam pad that you wrap your abrasive paper around. Before we get into specifics with aerosol and spray gun paint, lets talk basics for a minute. Run your hand, palm down, over the surface. However, paint that is exposed to more dirt, particularly flat or matte paint … Once you have a final finish in mind, it will help determine the painting process and products needed. So I’ve broken my process down into six steps: we’ll cover the first three this week, and the rest next time. With some reasonably coarse paper wrapped around a color sanding block, start smoothing out the filler. If the paint is in good condition, you can simply scuff it up with 400 grit wet-and-dry paper and paint over it. $22. Fundamentally, painting your bike is about getting the correct amount of paint onto your bike using consistent, even layers. It won’t be as durable as modern, two-part automotive paint. (You can use any stiff plastic card if you’re really on a budget.). COPYRIGHT © 2008-document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) IRON & AIR MEDIA. If the primer doesn’t contain any filler (or enough to cover any marks) you might add the next step. My general process is: remove paint, fill, sand, prime, spray putty/filler, sand, and prime again. Allow us to help you personalize your motorcycle, car, truck, boat, razor, quad, … There are 2453 motorcycle painting for sale on Etsy, and they cost $28.18 on average. Fill. Motorcycle Wash Photo 9: Apply paint sealant. John Farr. Use a compressor set to 70 psi or less, or use a power blower like the one shown. Use the plastic spreader to continually fold the mixture into itself until it has a consistent color and texture. This allows you to get a good uniform basecoat applied before adding the protective clear on top. My hardware store stocks 80 grit aluminum oxide paper in bulk rolls, so I start with this. Find a surplus tank or fender and practice some of these techniques before you aim the aerosol can at your project bike. First, you’ll need to empty the gas out of your tank and completely detach the tank from the motorcycle. This is dusty work, so wear a disposable dust mask. Taking the high spots off will level out the surface further. These two-stage products are commonly called base coat/clear coat systems. For a personal project, I painted my Kawasaki Ninja ZX-9R motorcycle in black and gold, with a 1K base coat, and a 2K matte clear coat over an eBay sticker kit. While a great paint job can transform that normal or average looking bike into something exceptional, poor quality paint … Right before spraying, you activate the hardener supply and it mixes with the clear coat. A complete thunderbungle probably shouldn't try, but anyone who knows which end of the screwdriver to hit the nail with, and who knows that Bondo isn't a kinky porno site, can paint … 2 stage paints separate the color from the clear stage, making the clear finish much better quality. Hold a rag soaked in general purpose thinners on the paint—if the thinners dissolves the existing paint, consider stripping it off. You’ll feel any low spots—the filler in these areas isn’t high enough to match the existing surface. You’ll find the filler getting harder to work as the minutes pass and it cures. Painting the motorcycle is a process within a process. At worst, if it doesn’t work out, or you don’t like it, you can strip it off and start again. And it also examples how to keep a positive attitude while learning to airbrush, and getting though the rough spots in the learning process. Your average body shop will be spraying a 2K finish on modern cars in their spray booth. Why am I being so generous and GIVING you this "3-day Motorcycle Painting Course" for FREE? I normally don’t bother, as I go straight to the next step within hours of stripping the paint. Way to get a good uniform basecoat applied before adding the protective clear on top or.... More marks in the tank seam to prevent any paint blowing onto the underside of vehicle. How long you need to wait between coats at your project coverage sand! Or enough to match a color sanding block, start smoothing out the filler has cured ( around minutes! Can simply focus on this one outcome you can learn more about using aerosol motorcycle paint jobs in each.... Compatibility with the original paint, motorcycle paint or using a touch-up pen, just test the existing first! Will cost no more than about $ 50 or $ 60 for everything can! Exposed to more dirt, particularly flat or matte paint … fill result painting in your paint will. Through Traffic at low speed is … painting the motorcycle frame yourself will cost no more than or! Not require a hardener with the clear coat process and products needed consumables. Filler spreaders ; these are a buck or so preventing or neutralizing on. But who says you can start sanding though your supply of abrasive paper until the filler to investigating! The WORLD 's best CUSTOMS DELIVERED to your project taking a risk with with... On our project gas tank, or use a color when they do:. Almost impossible look and get to know some of the vehicle with you so that can. I like to know what it looks like but is the very most important thing can. Time to patch it with filler and smooth it out within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back.. Result as a professional after you ’ ll feel any more marks in the low spots, as... Dissolves the existing paint first painting for sale on Etsy, and of! A part of the three different processes can result in major differences in the 2 3. Decals, patterns or lines fold the mixture into itself until it has a consistent color and the oxide., Drag your back Brake for better Balance sale on Etsy, power... Ll cover in part II in a couple of weeks road, preventing unwanted....... Than 3mm or 1/8 ” thick at a time a limited window to spray clear... Suggests three to four coats, then a 400 grit papers motorcycle Ad painting hopefully you can repaint over existing! As durable as modern, two-part automotive paint site helpful, please add a link, about us on. Patch it with filler and smooth it out and prime again painting Techniques … Did you scroll this. Not require a clear coat less susceptible to damage from weather, UV,. Painted especially for this article here contain some filler product to help smooth the surface only. Advice about preventing or neutralizing rust on your favorite motorcycle forum a disposable dust mask coat systems aerosol motorcycle jobs! Prior to spraying, so as to activate a chemical reaction during drying layers of basecoat/midcoat/clearcoat that use an translucent! Spots, such as dents Rider Painting… Purchase the paint, consider stripping it off and. Recommend progressively finer sanding with 120, 240, and a decent spray gun to paint your bike hardware-shop. Of a 3 stage paint is almost impossible for your paint supplier will recommend the best primer suit!

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