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por Tamaki. A former member of the Sekiho Army, Sanosuke used to work as a fighter-for-hire, but after meeting Kenshin, he changes his ways and starts using his strength to protect innocent people. The night air was cool on his skin; it was a refreshing feeling. What's new. 1 Usuario diario Agregar. 3 personas están hablando de esto. Sagara, leader of the Sekihou Tai and Sanosuke's . MyHaY112. he shouted, and, using what little strength he had left, picked the boy up, turned, and tossed him over the cliff. Cancel Unsubscribe. Sanosuke's slow walking turned into running. 3 talking about this. Sanosuke Sagara está en Facebook. Rurouni Kenshin ("るろうに剣心", "Kenshin the Wanderer") is a 1994–99 manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki, also known as "Samurai X" after Columbia Pictures renamed it for their anime releases (which was later co-opted by ADV Films for their release of the movie and OVAs). He is known as Sanosuke Sagara in the English adaptation of the anime and is nicknamed Sano. As Kenshin tries to stop the slaughter of the Christians as they march towards martyrdom, Sanosuke is unable to avert the death of Shogo's terminally ill sister. Sagara Sanosuke/Takani Megumi; Sagara Sanosuke; Takani Megumi; Summary. [1] [2] Está casado con la actriz y modelo Yūka Watsuki said that since Sagara Souzou is an actual historical figure, "talking about his "motif" as a character seems beside the point." Sanosuke licked his lips, staring intently back up at his captain, awaiting orders. Sometime after his death, Sano took Sagara Souzou's family name his name and became Sagara Sanosuke. Akame Ga Kill! Link removed Versus Link removed Menu. Birds; Cats; Dinosaurs and Extinct Animals; Dogs; Sea Animals and Fish; Wild Animals; Anime Menu Toggle. 0 Usuarios diarios Agregar. Luckily Sanosuke was saved by Souzou but in return Souzu was shot to death. Near (Death Note) Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy) Alexander Anderson (Hellsing) 11. Sanosuke would also find out that his family name was now Higashidani, although he would never use it himself. Sanosuke soon grew tired of the underground fighting circuit and decided to go to the AFW for a new challenge hoping to find someone who can give him an enjoyable fight. Mensajes 133 Reacciones 1 Puntos 70. Sagara Sanosuke is one of the main characters and a close friend of Himura Kenshin. New posts New media New articles New media comments New article comments New profile posts New threadmarks Latest activity. Sagara Sanosuke is a fictional character from the Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga series created by Nobuhiro Watsuki. He took beatings. But, if I have to die, I sure ain't going alone! Watsuki, being a fan of the Shinsengumi, created Sanosuke by basing his name and characteristics on that of a real Shinsengumi member named Harada Sanosuke. Clubs. But when the revolutionary government found financial problems, the label Sekihō Army as a fraud in order to “bury their promises.” Sozo runs, Sanosuke leaves as … El personaje que nunca se calla ♂ / ... Sanosuke Sagara (Rurouni Kenshin) Kisuke Urahara (Bleach) 13. Sanosuke yelled as he fell from the cliff. However, he didn't pay much attention to it. Kiss Of Death. Directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, Yûji Mitsuya, Hiroshi Morioka. Koenigsegg One:1. por power12312. Harada was born to a family of chūgen, or low-ranking quasi-samurai, who served the retainers of the Iyo-Matsuyama Domain (now the city of Matsuyama). The two of them finally settle their unresolved feelings for each other. reblogged hace 5 años @ 22 Mar 2015 with 37 notas via/source. New posts. Sanosuke gets his family name after captain . "He chuckled as he spoke, but the way he looked at me suggested that there was little he missed, despite his humor." The author's mental image of Sagara Souzou became important in the character development. Takes place about a week after the end of the 2nd OVA movie. Sanosuke walked silently through the forest. Saitō Hajime (斎藤, Hajime Saitō) es el ex-capitán de la tercera unidad del Shinsengumi y en la actualidad un agente especial del Departamento del Gobierno Meiji de Asuntos Internos. Tai when he was just 9 years old, Sanosuke swores . Yusuke Urameshi Yusuke Urameshi (浦 饭 幽助, Urameshi Yusuke) es el principal protagonista del manga y anime YuYu Hakusho. Editor's Note: Sagara Sanosuke is one of my favourite characters. Support Ticket. takarazuka. Únete a Facebook para conectar con Sanosuke Sagara y otras personas que quizá conozcas. 1 Usuario diario Agregar. Bloodtype- B Weapon- Zanbatou Hobbies- drinking, gambling: His Past When he was a child, he joined a civilian army called the Sekiho Tai. Fight takes place in the forest of death, who wins? Harada Sanosuke (原田 左之助, 1840 – July 6, 1868) was a Japanese warrior who lived in the late Edo period.He was the 10th unit captain of the Shinsengumi, and died during the Boshin War.. Background. "Captain Sagara!" "Get… out of here!" 1 de Abril de 2007 Sanosuke Sagara: Age- 19 Birthday- Feb. 1860 Height- 179cm (about 6 feet) Weight- 71kg (165lbs.) Loading ... DEATH … Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 1.72K. He saw things he would have never witnessed if he’d just gone back home. Sanosuke is a fomer member of the Army Sekihō, after admiring the captain, Sagara Sozo, and took the family name, Sagara, from him. Attack on Titan; Bleach; Blue Exorcist; Code Geass Sagara Sanosuke - Saitō and Sanosuke have a mutual resentment toward each other, but they also show deep, albeit silent and begrudging, respect for the other's abilities. Nov 7, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Melissa Clark. por BRICKSUNNY. … Es conocido por interpretar a Sagara Sanosuke en la adaptación live action del manga Rurouni Kenshin. Sagara Sanosuke/Takani Megumi (46) Himura Kenshin/Kamiya Kaoru (31) Makimachi Misao/Shinomori Aoshi (15) Myoujin Yahiko/Sanjou Tsubame (5) Komagata Yumi/Shishio Makoto (3) Himura Kenshin/Yukishiro Tomoe (2) Kamiya Kaoru/Yukishiro Enishi (2) Saitou Hajime/Takagi Tokio (2) Sagara Sanosuke & Takani Megumi (2) Fox Mulder/Dana Scully (1) Respuestas 11 Visitas 2K Reacciones 0. Hurt for no other reason than he wouldn’t shut up about Captain Sagara. most admired person.After the death captain Sagara. 1 Usuario diario Agregar. He had died, and for him; For Sanosuke, the stubborn, idiotic boy that he once was. He mentioned the Sekihotai and would be spat upon. Estadísticas. Discover (and save!) But when the revolutionary government encounters financial problems, it labels the Sekihō Army as frauds in order to "bury their promises." But, if I have to die, I sure ain't going alone! His sister, after Sanosuke's disappearance and then her mother's death, became overprotective of her younger brother and father, who worked as a local merchant and farmer with the infamy of … Munetaka Aoki (青木 崇高, Aoki Munetaka?, Yao, Prefectura de Osaka, Japón, 14 de marzo de 1980) es un actor japonés. When you first meet Sanosuke it's him fighting Kenshin with a big ass sword known as the Zanbatou. I don't give a damn about my life. Megumi sends for Sanosuke to come home following Kenshin's death. It could be first seen when Sanosuke spoiled Shishio's plans by destroying the Rengoku, thus thwarting his plans to fire bomb Tokyo. Addons. Media New media New comments. Loading... Unsubscribe from SSJAvi? Sanosuke Sagara. For a while, he didn’t learn. Animals Menu Toggle. Agregar a SeaMonkey Agregar a una colección Más temas de Otro. aestheticallypleasingmyths: Persephone: goddess of spring, harvest and growth and queen of the Underworld. Sagara Sōzō was the captain of the first squad of the Sekihō Army and a major influence on the lives of Higashidani Sanosuke and Tsukioka Katsuhiro. Language: English Words: 3,456 Chapters: 2/2 Kudos: 36 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 696 With Mîna Tominaga, Brianne Brozey, Richard Cansino, Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Forums. Space rangers. Sometimes he wishes he had. Harada is Captain of the Tenth Division in the Shinsengumi, and is the only character shown to wield a spear in battle. by the monarchics and the destruction of the Sekihou . por MyHaY112. vengeance against them. por Vaal De Gaal. your own Pins on Pinterest 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 History 5 Development & Reception 6 Gallery Sōzō's visage, despite his wartime experiences, displays a soft essence of innocence and peace. He then went to Tokyo where he trained and taught himself how to fight where he earned the nickname Zanza. The leader of the army, Souzu Sagara took … O P. Sanosuke Sagara EMD User. Sagara Sanosuke left home at an early age to join the Sekihō Army (Sekihō-tai), leaving behind his father (Kamishimoemon), his mother (Naname), and his younger sister (Uki) who adored him. Hades: god of the Underworld, the dead and death. Sōzō is executed, leaving Sanosuke as one of the few survivors. I don't give a damn about my life. Sanosuke soon became a legend in the underground for two reasons, one was his undeafeatable stamina and the other was the word aku (evil) that he wore on the back of his shirt. Death Note Votos: 6 46,2% Votantes totales 13; Encuesta cerrada 21 de Abril de 2007. There were awful people out there. Sus amigos más cercanos y más grandes aliados incluyen Kuwabara, Kurama y … Rukensa - Sanosuke Sagara Vs. Anji SSJAvi. Sagara Sanosuke ] He overcomes this disability when he discovers that the "Futae no Kiwami" can be performed using both hands in succession which lessens the impact to his damaged hand. Sanosuke is a fomer member from the Sekihō Army, having admired the captain, Sagara Sōzō, and taking the family name, Sagara, from him. Harada Sanosuke, known as Sanosuke Harada in the localization, is a main protagonist in Hakuōki, as well as one ofChizuru's potential love interests. It was March 3, the anniversary of Sagara Souzou's death.

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