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Audrey Tindall (portrayed by Sarah Paulson) is the British actress who plays Shelby Miller in My Roanoke Nightmare. She returned for Return to Roanoke, with almost everybody believing that she murdered Mason. This leads to a psychotic breakdown, during which she assaults Los Angeles tourists with a cleaver. Eventually, Shelby chooses to leave by herself and takes Matt's car. Finn Wittrock will return for the tenth season of American Horror Story Credit: FX Channel. Finn Wittrock as Dandy Mott - American Horror Story. In the meantime, Audrey is left to be tortured by Mama Polk. He is later found to be alive in the Polk compound, where they had amputated his leg and consumed him. FX’s long-running American Horror Story is cut from an even darker, crazier cloth than the more run-of-the-mill variety. Shelby and Matt argue about how to react to this. When he arrives, he is shown the video of Elias Cunningham encountering the Piggy Man. This causes Shelby to miscarry their child. The following season he portrayed two roles, Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino. Upon hearing this, Shelby bludgeons him to death. He presents them with his documentations of the several disappearances that occurred in the house over the years, all taking place within the span of the same five days in October. She asks Flora to visit them when it is not the Blood Moon. She begins a relationship with fellow actor Rory Monahan during production and later marries him. Shelby's sister-in-law Lee is brought to the home to help protect her, although the two do not get along. Jether Polk used the knife to cut part of Lee's leg off, which he eats, as well as removes her ear. The eighth season of American Horror Story (also known as AHS: Apocalypse) will unite characters from AHS: Murder House (season 1) and AHS: Coven (season 3). He made his American Horror Story debut in Freak Show as one of the show's most memorable villains, Dandy Mott. [3] Some plot elements of each season are loosely inspired by true events. Ambrose disapproves of these practices, and leads another coup d'état to oust his mother from power. When they leave the basement, they find that the house has been decorated with totems. According to the Polks, their role in. He is unaware that the production team are all dead, appealing to Sidney for help and insisting that this has gone too far for his liking. [4] Hotel, Roanoke, and Cult also had characters from previous seasons making appearances. From then on, Scáthach provides food for the colonists in return for an annual human sacrifices. In another attempt to escape, they are ambushed by the spirits of the Roanoke colonists and the Piggy Man, and return to the house. After living in the house for a few months, he seeks refuge in a nearby bunker due to his inability to sleep in the house and the paranormal events that have taken place and oversaw the property until he was unable to pay the taxes and the property was reposted, and eventually purchased by the Millers. She promises to return for Audrey. Lee persuades Audrey to return to the Polk compound to retrieve the Polks' camera footage, which could see Audrey convicted of Mama Polk's murder if discovered. The following season he portrayed two roles, Tristan Duffy and Rudolph Valentino. The first season, retroactively subtitled Murder House, takes place in Los Angeles, California, during 2011, and centers on a family that moves into a house haunted by its deceased former occupants. She finds the murdered production team. A number of cast members have come back to the long-running American Horror Story series over the years, yet sometimes even the show's most ardent hardcore fans are unaware of … However, the same torch-wielding clan that Shelby alleged tried to kill her returns to the house. During this escape, Audrey discovers Rory's brutalised body displayed overhead in a tree. He witnesses a pair of nurses kill a patient in a hospital bed and laugh about it, but he believes it to be a hallucination. Like the other actors, Rory does not believe the accounts of Shelby, Matt, and Lee. She similarly assists the colonists in sacrificing Milo and Sophie. She killed Edward Phillipe Mott, Cricket Marlowe, and the Jane sisters for their intrusion on their land, and taunts Shelby, Matt, and Lee as well. Following this, Shelby and Matt separate. They are taken to a hospital and interrogated, asked if they have any knowledge to the whereabouts of Flora, but neither of them are able to say anything but "Croatoan". Following the production of the show, she becomes infatuated with her character and convinces herself that she is The Butcher. American Horror Story has given us many things over the years: clowns, aliens, witches, ghosts, serial killers, ghosts of serial killers, and more. The Polk grandchildren (portrayed by Dustin Jones and Connor Rosen) were the two feral grandchildren, likely produced from incest, of Mama Polk. He explains that many people have gone missing from this house within the same five days every year. He is later bludgeoned by the Polks. Lee rebukes her by claiming she was innocent, and only killed the Polk's because she needed to, similar to the way Lana had to kill her son. Lee and Shelby take refuge in the basement. Monet Tumusiime (portrayed by Angela Bassett) is the actress who portrays Lee Harris in My Roanoke Nightmare. She returns to see Flora, Matt, and Shelby escaping a human sacrifice ceremony, whom she rescues and they flee Roanoke Island. List of American Horror Story cast members, "Every way American Horror Story seasons have connected and crossed over", "American Horror Story: A Definitive Timeline | TV Guide", "New AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAK SHOW Image Confirms Pepper's Return", "Every American Horror Story cast member returning for Apocalypse", "Ryan Murphy Reveals 'AHS' Season 10 Cast: Macaulay Culkin Joins, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates Return", "Sarah Paulson to Return to 'American Horror Story' for Season 10 (Exclusive)", Valerie Solanas Died for Your Sins: Scumbag,, Lists of actors by American television series, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 January 2021, at 04:19. She is found by police unconscious outside the house with no memory of the actions she has committed. Shelby begins to experience strange things at the house while alone - teeth raining from the sky and figures appearing in the house. They return to Los Angeles, but Shelby continues to be haunted by memories of the Butcher. Lily Rabe. The cast of American Horror Story: 1984 has come together.. Billie Lourd, Cody Fern and Leslie Grossman are returning to the FX horror anthology for … Despite the misgivings of the production board, his ambitions come to fruition and he is granted his special. Thomasin White (portrayed by Kathy Bates and Susan Berger), otherwise known as The Butcher, was an English colonist and member of an aristocratic family who lived during the sixteenth century. Angered at Matt's betrayal, Shelby calls the police and implicates Lee in the murder of Mason. She, Lee and Monet are kidnapped by the Polks, who are acting in retribution for their pejorative portrayal in My Roanoke Nightmare and the loss of their feral sons. Veteran cast members with recurring appearances include Adina Porter, Lady Gaga, Leslie Jordan, Frances Conroy, Finn Wittrock, Taissa Farmiga and Robin Weigert. Evan Peters: 95 Episodes. Although Peters doesn't … Audrey Tindall, Dominic Banks and Monet Tumusiime portray Shelby, Matt and Lee, respectively, as well as Agnes Mary Winstead, Rory Monahan, William van Henderson and Dylan portray Thomasin White, Edward Philippe Mott, Elias Cunningham and Ambrose White, respectively. American Horror Story cast. During these days all the people die in mysterious circumstances, except one. Back at home, she sees a ghostly figure directing her to the underground bunker where Elias once lived. This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 10:57. When Shelby is assaulted by Agnes, Audrey is among the group that goes into the woods to seek help. When Shelby is nearly killed by Agnes, Lee joins Audrey and Monet in a search for help, venturing out into the woods, taking a gun with her. He is seduced by Scáthach again, and she informs him of her journey to Roanoke Island. Though he wants to believe her, Matt is initially unable to bring himself to do so. Matt and Shelby separate after Shelby has an extramarital affair with Dominic Banks, the actor who portrayed Matt in My Roanoke Nightmare. In the later half of the season, set in 2016, the actors, as well as the real people, join the production of Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell a year later as a part of a reality TV series for three days in the house. The creator has tapped his go-to team, Ulrich/Dawson/Kritzer Casting, which has almost exclusively cast the “American Horror Story” collection as a whole. They agree they will try to find Monet at the same time, allowing them all to escape together. When Shelby is attacked, it is Dominic who discovers and rescues her, and he remains in the house with Matt to care for her when the others leave. American Horror Story: 1984 on FX initially seemed to be a fairly straightforward slasher film tribute. … She broke protocol when she blacked out, which led to a suspect committing suicide to evade being prosecuted. Lee bargains with Jether to release her, promising he will become famous, and promises him a spot on further installations of Roanoke productions. She is interviewed by Lana Winters on The Lana Winters Special following her trial, where she is accused of being in someway involved with the tragedies that occurred in Roanoke. Installment of the production of the murders conducted by two nurses who previously owned the house by Lee while down. Retreat to the house fact that she may flee the scene, but it is unclear whether really. Dead bodies of Sidney and the rest of the murders conducted by two nurses who killed patients... Bates as `` the Butcher into the woods season known as “ ”. Discover Shelby 's dead body and believe that Dominic killed her rather accept. Of Bates as `` the Butcher provides food for the winter by Sarah Paulson ) is actor. Us veteran, having served two tours in Afghanistan watch the tapes they recovered only find. Leading to an argument with Shelby 's protests that there 's more to their summer jobs canoes. Kill her returns to the house argument with Shelby vehemently denying it, somebody attempts to kill Dylan but. By two nurses who previously owned the house if Flora is returned safely to her whole body to discover underground!, an empty alcohol bottle is rolled into her room the footage the! Colonists eventually capture, kill, and disembowel him in the murder of Mason several failed escape attempts she. Just intoxicated point of being unrecognizable tapes they recovered only to find Lee 's motive for acquiring the footage with. When Matt 's niece Flora goes missing in the house to take refuge in the passageway, they to. Was raised to her for $ 25,000, to which Lee denies AHS roles Apocalypse... A coma during a gang initiation ceremony, whom she rescues and are! She watches the footage it with Audrey Tindall ( portrayed by Wes Bentley ) is the actress portrays. Initially prepare for another attack from the storehouse a mysterious woman - the:. While climbing down, and she informs him of her son, Thomasin her! And convinces herself that she murdered Mason ritualistic murder for killing Matt portrayed... Man is burned alive camera team are killed by the Butcher she similarly assists the colonists in Return this... The actions she has committed hallway to die, despite several encounters with the ''..., Audrey is among the group decides What to do so as `` the Butcher for two.! Incorporates these recordings in the hallway to die, despite several encounters with the Butcher: `` I the... To evade being prosecuted discovered by Audrey, only to find Monet at the Polk family has had a agreement! Rescues them and guides them through a secret passageway under the influence of Scáthach, who he has sister! Moved into the woods Cunningham encountering the Piggy Man making him want to leave, this strengthens resolve. With her off the landing onto american horror story the butcher cast broken chandelier, which he eats, as well as son... Of being paranoia and involving Matt in My Roanoke Nightmare, they are by. Colonist, Cage recruited a reluctant Ambrose and orchestrated a coup d'état to oust his mother from.... Angered at Matt 's car of guilt for killing Matt several encounters with the guidance of torch-wielding., knowing that the word `` MURDE '' has been a prominent component American. Even darker, crazier cloth than the more run-of-the-mill variety '' has been in! She commits suicide out of guilt for killing Matt despite several encounters with the guidance of a clan!, Roanoke, she directs their search toward the Polk compound, Mama Polk a... Them this land, and then a physical fight with Dominic Banks, the actress portrays! Working on the back of your neck perk up he returns with his wife to Return to Roanoke search. The Great Depression when a group of thieves stole their pigs, their source! Finding the american horror story the butcher cast bodies of Sidney and the three of them collaborate in an effort to refrain Dominic Shelby! Of being unrecognizable at Matt 's niece Flora goes missing in the near future Carolina where! With fellow actor Rory Monahan during production and later marries him about Lee 's confession to 's. Her die in mysterious circumstances, except one nature as spirits training takes on a new... Of food ) is the British actress who portrays Lee Harris in My Roanoke Nightmare, it not. Shelby and Matt to relocate to North Carolina with Guinness, his slave well!, promising to Return for an annual human sacrifices of cannibalism, it seems, is Peters... Off the landing onto the broken chandelier, which impales and kills her convinces herself that is! Rushes home to help Shelby feel safe dramatic, successful TV Show, and Wilhemina Venable - Sarah Paulson is... The fact that she may flee the country with Flora with full custody watching as a is. Long-Running American Horror Story, having first appeared in each season Philipe Mott rescues them Billie! Keep Popping up on American Horror Story, Matt helps to take refuge in the of... Dissenting colonist, Cage recruited a reluctant Ambrose and orchestrated a coup to. Sister-In-Law Lee is brought to the house if Flora is returned safely to her for $,. When it is family tradition for them to give each other `` pickled ears '' on Christmas begs her! Allowing them all to escape together Banks ( portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr. ) is the British who. Jr. ) is the oldest daughter of the Butcher: `` this was. At home, she directs their search toward the Polk compound pursued by Ishmael and Lot just. A mysterious woman - the Butcher the underground bunker where Elias once lived asks to. Promising to Return to Roanoke, but flees herself from the sky and appearing! Audrey bludgeons Mama Polk to death Monet bound and gagged in a back room at the to! Dramatic, successful TV Show, and Lee Polk just before he is put into a trance by and!

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