Local promising para-nordic skier Collin Cameron & his coach Patti Kitler approached us to design and build Collin a custom sit ski in a little under one month. The Discovery Lab was responsible for the aluminum frame design, software analysis, adjustment and finally creating the manufacturing drawings for the sit ski.

We are incredibly pleased to say that a few days before deadline, the project was completed. We’d also like to thank Luc Soenens for completing the fabrication, welding & pipe bending in absolute record time.

This project was made possible by Laurentian Nordic and Cross Country Ontario. Two incredibly supportive organizations that truly stepped up to show support for this athlete. For information on the para-nordic programs or skiing in general, please contact these two organizations.

  • Project Type: Frame Design and Analysis
  • This project utilized: 3D Design, Finite Element Analysis & Mechanical Design.
  • Customer: Collin Cameron