Michael Dolinar

B.Sc. Laurentian University



Michael Dolinar brings over a decade of experience building technology solutions for financial, education and military  sectors. Michael offers software, firmware and hardware development services. Whether your vision includes a new iPhone app or an embedded micro-controller, Michael will see your tech project through from conceptualization to deployment using industry standard development processes.


Cell: (705)845-0120


Stephen Podrucky

M.A.Sc (Electrical Engineering), P.Eng, B.Eng (Electrical Engineering), Electronic Engineering Technologists Diploma

Product Designer & Founder at Podco Designs



Stephen has worked in the field of electronic product design since 2010, with a results driven practical approach to research and development. With a technologist diploma, bachelor of electrical engineering, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering, Stephen has the broad range of skills required for research, design and troubleshooting. Stephen has accumulated experience with design, development, certification and support of products for the hard rock mining industry, green energy sectors, and wearable electronics. Contact Stephen for complete electronic product development services or any project ranging from concept to prototype, right through to production.


Cell: (705)822-7521



Daryl Dominique

B.Eng Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

CEO and Co-Founder, CMD Prototyping

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I’ve always been one for incorporating my creative side with mechanical design. While formally educated in Engineering design, my side hobbies and experiences have always been more focussed towards the creative aspect and the meshing of the two experiences has resulted in many out of the box yet very functional solutions to existing problems. As part of CMD Prototyping my area of expertise lies with 3D CAD Modelling, 3D Printing and early concept design that brings ideas up to a prototype to be taken further into the manufacturing procedure.


Cell: 705-988-4668

Business: 705-521-8324 ext 285



Joshua Martin

EIT B.Eng, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

COO and Co-Founder, CMD Prototyping

M.A.Sc. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

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As a mechanical engineering graduate and Masters student, Joshua’s interests are rooted in mathematics, coding, 3D design and materials science. His role at the Fortin Discovery Lab, as a member of CMD Prototyping, is to work closely with clients in order to achieve manufacturing ready prototypes as quickly as possible. By applying his knowledge of modern prototyping technologies and always maintaining an open line of communication with clients, Joshua is able to deliver a final product that matches exactly what was envisioned in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.


Cell: 705-662-3991

Business: 705-521-8324 ext 285



Ronny Theiss

P.Eng. B.Eng. Mgmt. (Bachelor of Engineering and Management) McMaster University 2007.

Owner: Theiss Automation

Licensed Engineer in the province of Ontario.



Ronny Theiss has a background in product design and production. At the Fortin Discovery Lab, Ronny is the “injection moulding guy”. He can help take you from an initial design, whether it is pure plastic, over-moulded circuits and connectors or composite injected components, help refine your design to optimize it for injection moulding. Then produce the short run production on hand moulds. This will give you a product you can show to potential clients, subject to qualification testing and in many cases could provide you with some initial product to sell.


Phone: 705-598-2002



Jorden Colwell

B.Eng Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

CFO and Co-Founder, CMD Prototyping

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As a mechanical engineering student, I strive to develop the most market practical devices and products. By narrowing the gap between the professional and the “backyard inventor”, I aim to accelerate products to market and to create the most competitive product for the market segment. I hope to ensure that the techniques of prototyping and design are constantly evaluated to provide the best quality parts. This extends into exploring further manufacturing techniques beyond 3-D printing, be it small or large scale manufacturing.


Cell: 705-920-0526

Business: 705-521-8324 ext 285