Stephen Podrucky

M.A.Sc (Electrical Engineering), P.Eng, B.Eng (Electrical Engineering), Electronic Engineering Technologists Diploma

Product Designer & Founder at Podco Designs



Stephen has worked in the field of electronic product design since 2010, with a results driven practical approach to research and development. With a technologist diploma, bachelor of electrical engineering, and a master’s degree in electrical engineering, Stephen has the broad range of skills required for research, design and troubleshooting. Stephen has accumulated experience with design, development, certification and support of products for the hard rock mining industry, green energy sectors, and wearable electronics. Contact Stephen for complete electronic product development services or any project ranging from concept to prototype, right through to production.

Cell: (705)822-7521


Marc Turgeon

P.Eng. B.Eng. (Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering) Carleton University 2003.

Owner: MDT Engineering Inc.

Licensed Engineer in the province of Ontario.


Marc graduated from Carleton University in 2003 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and began his career designing and building small robotic vehicles used for conducting research for remotely operated vehicles in the mining industry. Marc transitioned to a role designing large mobile equipment for the mining industry such as scissor lifts, crane trucks, shotcrete haulers and sprayers.
His career then took him to one of the largest consulting companies in the country, allowing him to gain experience working with major global mining companies in ever increasing leadership roles. The next phase of his career took him back to mobile equipment, where he led a team of engineers and designers as the engineering manager, and provided leadership for the company as a senior manager. In this role, Marc also led all research and development efforts including the evolution of battery electric vehicles.
Marc’s extensive range of experience with design, fabrication, consulting, and leadership enables innovative solutions to complex problems.  
MDT Engineering was founded in 2017 with the goal of providing engineering services to the commercial and industrial sectors of Northern Ontario.

Phone: 705-662-2306