The Fortin Discovery Lab is a one of a kind product development meets think-tank where a team of Independent Product Developers work together to design, build, test and produce new innovative products. Residing in the NORCAT Centre in Sudbury, Ontario, the Fortin Discovery Lab looks to bring a more innovative and technologically capable development field to Northern Ontario. With a unique business model, a skilled team and a wide selection of equipment, the Fortin Discovery Lab could be the place that helps turn your idea into a fully designed product.

Staffing is entirely composed of engineers and technologists operating as independent product developers ( IPD’s ) in an open and co-operative environment. These independent product developers are then also mentored by volunteer manufacturing professionals from various industries to include as many experienced resources as possible. This unique staffing arrangement allows operation with no salaried employees resulting in a minimal overhead operation producing both innovative products, and innovative manufacturing entrepreneurs.

Our mandate

The mandate of the lab consists of three priorities.

To encourage co-operative, or independent, entrepreneurial efforts by graduate engineers and technologists, specifically in manufacturing of industrial, medical and consumer products.

To facilitate the design/development of advanced commercial products and companies by providing a shared lab environment across multiple disciplines.

To develop new processes/techniques for manufacturing commercial products.