Equipped with two 3D Scanners, the Fortin Discovery Lab is capable of turning a wide range of 3D objects into CAD files for replication, quality control or modification purposes. 3D scanning is an incredible tool for replicating parts, modifying existing parts or even accommodating existing parts into new designs.

Cubify Sense Handheld:

  • Operating Range of 0.35m to 3m
  • 0.9mm spatial x/y resolution at 0.5m
  • Scan Volume minimum of 0.2mx0.2mx0.2m and maximum of 3mx3mx3m
  • 1mm depth resolution at 0.5m

The Cubify Sense Handheld 3D Scanner allows for a large range in object size while maintaining a practical degree of accuracy and versatility in the digitized object.

Matter & Form:

  • Maximum object size of 25cm height x 18cm diameter
  • Detail capture of ~0.43mm
  • Resolution of +/- 0.25mm

The Matter & Form relies on a built-in revolving platform, turning the target object as it scans. This allows for hands-free and reliable scanning of small objects. While less versatile than the Cubify, it’s ideal for scanning smaller, more detailed items.