The EMC test facility has been constructed to facilitate testing to modern worldwide EMC standards including FCC, IECS and CE requirements. This allows to certification of products to levels permitting worldwide sale. The maximum DUT ( Device Under Test ) volume is one cubic foot.

Key Equipment Includes:

  • Laplace Instruments LC300/2 Chamber.
  • Laplace Instruments LETIS EMC Test Integration System.
  • Laplace Instruments RF3500 Synthesizer.
  • Laplace Instruments RF1300 RF Amplifier 8W 1-3GHz.
  • Amplifier Research 25W1000 1GHz 25W RF amplifier.
  • Laplace Instruments ERSA Emissions Reference Source.
  • Keysight CXA 3GHz Signal Analyzer.
  • Advantest 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer.
  • LMG95 Precision Power Analyzer.
  • Haefely ONYX16 ESD Gun.
  • Schaffner NSG95 ESD Gun.
  • Schaffner INA6501 Step Transformer.
  • IEC Certified ESD Test Station.
  • Schaffner Modula EMC Test System ( EFT ).
  • Various support equipment.